Heavy Duty Industrial Wire Baskets

Heavy Duty Wire Baskets

40x48x36 stackable & collapsible heavy duty Wire Baskets. 4000#capacity.

New $250ea Used in great condition!

Min order is 10. First come – first serve only.

Volume discounts are available

Versatile Racking Solution

Industrial Wire Baskets can help make warehouse storage of small or loose items much easier. Since they are forklift friendly, they can be stacked and then stored in your pallet racking system making your warehouse even more organized.

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Why Use Wire Baskets?

Industrial Wire Containers

Wire Containers are the perfect solution for your material handling needs. Why should you use Wire Mesh Containers instead of Wooden Boxes or Crates?

Wire Mesh Containers

  • Stackable
  • Product visible
  • Mobile by forklift
  • Gates for easy product access
  • Fire safety
  • Collapsible for easy storage

Wooden Containers

  • Do not stack safely
  • Product not visible
  • No gate, for easy access
  • Short life cycle
  • Water will not flow through box

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